Friday, September 12, 2008

How to do Manicure ??

Manicure is not so tough to do. You must keep ur fingers clean, so learn how to do manicure from this video.

How to do French Manicure ??

French Manicure is not so easy is it ?? Well I am sure you can do it yourself by learning from this video. Learn and become an expert in doing French Manicure.

How to do Pedicure ??

Pedicure is really nice when someone does it for u. U sit relaxed and someone does the work for u and makes ur feet beautiful. But u can also try doing Pedicure for yourself without spending much. So learn how to give yourself a pedicure with this video.

How to clean a shower ??

I am sure you would like to have a clean bathroom. Then you must do little cleaning atleast. SO learn how to clean your shower with this video.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to Clean a Window ??

Glass window always gets dirty very easily. So learn how to clean a window with the help of this video.

How to Paint a wall ??

White is so boring, isn't it !! Y not try a new color for the wall.. So you should know how to paint then. Learn how to paint the wall in your house with the help of this video. Very useful.

How to do Home Facial ??

Doing Facial atleast once a month is very good. But it is expensive sometimes also. Then why not do facial at home. learn how to do facial at home with simple techniques !!

How to do Threading ??

Well sometimes you might look really different and feel really sick. You would not like to look at your face. SO what should you do then. Go and do your eyebrows. Right ??
Yes I know, Ur face might look really odd. So y not try doing this at home. Learn how to do threading at home. Learn by watching this video on how to thread your eyebrows for yourself. It's tuf and little painful I know, But u can try it !!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

How to make Garlic bread ??

Garlic bread from Pizza hut... Y not try one at home. Try making garlic bread by learning from this video.

How to make Vegetarian lasagne/lasagna ??

Dont have meat, dont worry u can make vegetarian lasagne with lotsa vegetables. So learn how to make that.

How to make Healthy Pizza ??

Pizza sometimes they say is not so good for health. But watch this- add lotsa vegetables and make it healthy. Learn and watch this video on how to make Healthy Pizza !!

How to make Red Spaghetti ??

Stir fried Red Spaghetti for the day. Then y not learn how to do it !!

How to cook Pasta ??

Very hungry. Want to try something fast and easy. Then if u have pasta at home, y not make it. Learn how to cook pasta with great tips !!