Thursday, August 14, 2008

How to make Rava Idli ??

Now some South Indian dish- rava Idli. Something different from the normal Idli u make, learn how to make Rava idli from this video.

How to make Bhel Puri ??

It's tiffin time and u feel like having something very light. Then u can try to make Bhel Puri, a great chat item. Watch the video and learn how to make Bhel Puri.

How to make Fudge Brownies ??

Chocolate fudge, fudge brownie... Oh u want to have it, isn't it !! Then watch this video on how to make super fudge brownies !!

How to make Cheese cake ??

When you go to New York, u shud never miss the Cheese cakes there. Well u can also always make one at home. So learn how to make Cheese cake !!

How to make Chocolate cake ??

Like chocolates, like cakes. Then y not make a Chocolate cake. see this video and learn to make chocolate cake.

How to Make Chocolate Cake Recipe - video powered by Metacafe

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to make Funnel cake ??

Funnel cake ?? Heard of it !! Its's pretty good. Wanna know how to make it, see this video and have a funnel cake.

How to make Tiramisu cake ??

Tiramisu - Do u know how to make that. Well look at this Tiramisu cake recipe and have fun !!